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Abi’s Valentines

This is the first year that Abi will be handing out Valentines to her friends.  They’re having a fun party at her preschool and she is very excited about it all.

I pinned a few different ideas to my Valentines Pinterest board, then let her look them over and decide what one she wanted to help me make.  I had her choose her favorite two in case I couldn’t find the supplies for one of them.  And it’s a good thing I did, because that’s exactly what happened with her first choice.  But we lucked out with her second.  I had all the supplies just taking up space on my shelves!

Glow Stick Valentines from Kommunicated

I just printed out her free download, cut them out and then sat down with Abi during our epic snow storm to work on them.


While she wrote her name on them, I taped the glow stick connector to the back with a cute piece of washi tape.


I hope it’s a hit with the kids later this week!

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