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Fun Canvas Kids Project

This weekend was another snowy one.  In fact, we didn’t even leave the house on Sunday.  We needed something to do.  We were going stir crazy.  So I went searching through my craft supplies and found a few things that looked fun – namely some small square canvases, acrylic paints and washi tape.

This was so fun and easy I’m not even going to do a full tutorial, just show you the pictures (that were all taken with my phone because I forgot to charge my big camera – so excuse the quality) and explain a little what we did.

For the first canvas I let Abi choose a picture that she wanted taped out with the washi tape.  She chose a heart.  Then I just let her go to town and she loved it!

Easy Kid Canvas Project 1

I had a little more of a plan for the second one.  I had seen a pin on Pinterest (I found it a while ago, before I double checked links – this one happens to be a spam link so I can’t reference it.  If anyone knows where to find it let me know!) and thought it looked like fun.  Basically you just use the tip of a pine bough to “stamp” a snowflake.  So I ran out side a picked a few pine boughs then painted the canvas blue.

Easy Kid Canvas Project 2

Then I handed Abi the boughs and some white paint and let her go.  It was a little hard for me to just let her do her thing for this one.  I wanted to go for a nice simple look, but Abi wanted to go until the whole canvas was covered in white blotches :)

So after a break to let the paint dry we got a few pictures of the finished product.

Easy Kid Canvas Project 3

All in all it made for one fun afternoon.

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