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Well, I meet Nemo this weekend.

We don’t have TV and I rarely listen to the radio so I didn’t even learn that a storm was headed our way until Thursday night.  My husband called to tell me that a few of his employee’s were trying to get Friday off.  We thought they were just using the storm as a poor excuse to not have to come in.

But later that afternoon I got home from picking Abi up from preschool and there was a letter on the door from our apartment complex telling us to make sure we had shovels, flashlights and enough warm clothing and blankets in the house.

Then the calls from our power company started. “As you’re aware, a major winter storm is predicted for this weekend. Make sure you have an emergency kit ready. We do not anticipate any difficulties, but it is best to have 4 days worth of non perishable food available as well as batteries and flashlights.  the best option may be a generator.”


I still wasn’t totally sold. We were just enjoying watching the beautiful little flakes fall.  However, at about 3pm my husband calls again.  ”I’ll be home early today.  The governor just signed an executive order.  No one is allowed on the roads for 24 hours starting at 4 this afternoon.”  We still thought that was a little excessive.  Compared to some of the storms we had in Northern Utah this was nothing.

So I went to bed thinking it was all a big hype.  But when I woke up I was blown away.


That is a picture of my car taken from our 2nd story window.  I swear there is a car in there.  See…


Over all I think we got a little over 2 feet of snow fall, but the drifts are what got us.  From totally covering our cars like in the picture above to drifts taller than my husband at the building where he works (he’s 6′!).  But that was about the worst for us.  We never lost power or anything like that.  It took about an hour for 2 of us to dig out the car, then my husband spent the next 5 hours helping our neighbors.

photo (3)


The complex had a snow plow working non stop through the night Friday. It was joined by two front end loaders and a little bobcat about 8am Saturday.  They didn’t stop until about 8pm and came off and on Sunday. They’re back this morning along with two dump trucks to cart off the snow; they’ve run out of room to pile it.  So. Much. Snow.

How did you other East Coasters fair?

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